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Prince of the Hawks scored 13 points

Le 14 December 2017, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

Prince of the Hawks scored 13 points in the first half, Schoeld scored 8 points; the Knicks Porter Geisi scored 15 points, McDermott scored 10 points. Shortly after the start of the third quarter, the Eagles also took four points, they opened the advantage to 5 points. Jack singles two successful Eric Fehr Jersey, Kanter layup, a 6-1 counterattack wave for the Knicks chase into 59 flat Dale Hunter Jersey. 61 after the third Eliaswa team led the lead, McDermott counterattack 5 points, Bernaline made four free throws to stabilize the situation in the third quarter there are 2 minutes and 20 seconds when the Hawks to 73- 69 lead. Bolz Genghis storm made foul Paul Carey Jersey, made two free throws, he led the team Lianban 5 points to end the third quarter, the Knicks beat 76-75 1 point. Los Angeles Lakers this season, a slight improvement in performance, record of 10 wins and 15 losses. More exciting than the record, their sophomore Ingram out of the rookie season's predicament Alexander Ovechkin Jersey, played well this season, averaging 16.2 points to lead the team, with 76 last week, he hit the game A memorable quasi lore

Knicks scored 6 points to open

Le 14 December 2017, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

Knicks scored 6 points to open the fourth quarter, they expand the lead. Shi Laode strengthen personal attack, he scored seven points to help the team to pursue, Nierquina feel good response to 7 points, Bolzin Geisi also get 4 points, the fourth quarter there are 6 minutes and 25 seconds when the Knicks To 97-86 11 points ahead. Iyasova hit three teams to stop bleeding, the Hawks hit a 6-1 counterattack wave Justin Peters Jersey, Jack breakthrough jumper, the third quarter there are 3 minutes and 55 seconds when the Knicks to 100-92 lead. For now, Renzo Bauer of the Los Angeles Lakers is not the best of the rookies but definitely the hottest. Recently, "Smile Assassin," one of the greatest point guards in NBA history Dmitry Orlov Jersey, Thomas interviewed the media, also talked about their views on Bauer. Smiling assassin believes that Bauer will gradually grow into a star player, but want to get "Magic Johnson" that achievement is almost impossible. New Orleans Pelicans force the distal, to beat the Philadelphia 76ers 131-124. Rondo became the winner of the Pelicans Rod Langway Jersey. Match, Rondo 5 vote, contributed 13 points, 2 rebounds and 18 assists, in addition to 5 steals. It is worth mentioning that Rondo sent 18 assists, but also his single-game assists in recent seasons since the high Nate Schmidt Jersey. Rondo last sent more than 18 assists but also dates back to 2016, when he sent 20 assists in a game against the Hornets.

The Eagles played very stubbornly

Le 14 December 2017, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

The Eagles played very stubbornly, Iyasova again in the third, Belinelli cast one-third of the foul, three free throws, the fourth quarter and 1 minute 40 seconds when they chase to 100-103. Bolzinger turned jumper to stabilize the situation Daniel Winnik Jersey, Iyasova breakthrough succeeded, the two sides still worse than 3 points. Jack error, the Hawks have the opportunity to tie the game, but unfortunately Belinelli missed one-third, Lee got the rebound. Jake hit a jumper to expand the advantage for the team Braden Holtby Jersey. Bernaline made two free throws, Nilkina is foul two free throws, the fourth quarter there are 12.2 seconds when the Knicks to 108-104 lead. Barzer Moore was fouled by Jack, made two free throws, the Hawks chase 106-108. Jack made two free throws, the Knicks leading 3 points, they choose to foul tactics in advance Matt Niskanen Jersey, Bazzemoer the first penalty into the second penalty intentionally, the result did not hit the basket the ball violation. Bolginzisi made two free throws, Taylor missed the third, the Hawks lost 107-111. Los Angeles Lakers this season record of 10 wins and 15 losses, ranked 10th in the west. Although the results have improved significantly over the previous seasons, but obviously the Lakers fans can not wait, they look forward to the team's young talent can play. When the team's poor performance, the coach Wharton became a pan back Cheap Capitals Jersey.

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